Date/Time of Class

1) Saturday, February 6th, 2pm ET

Orgasm on Command! (presented by Bast Kitty)

Class/Presenter Intro


Welcome to the Sensuality, Sex, and Orgasms weekend, hosted by Dating Kinky.

My name is Miss Nookie, founder of Dating Kinky, and I will be your emcee. Our next class will Orgasm on Command!.

After the presentation, we will leave room at the end of the allotted time for questions from the attendees. However, you do not have to wait until the end to ask - we absolutely welcome all of your questions, comments, and overall engagement throughout the show.

And now, I willl introduce our presenter.

Bastkitty is a top leaning Switch who loves to play in dungeon with all sorts of people. She is a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator , as well as partial Owner of Beguiled Hypno Conference in Chicago. She's given multiple demonstrations during Kinky college for fire and electricity during the Tapas portion of the event.

Her pronouns are she/her/ meow. Yes, she actually meows at people from time to time. She identifies as a primal, mainly big cat - so don't pet the kitty backwards, or she will bite you in an unfun way.

For play - she's a total play slut. She adores playing all sorts of sadistic games with pretty boys and girls. She is a sadist, as sensualist, an edge play and an ethical evil hypnotist. For topping or bottoming - hypnosis, electroplay and fire are her favorite things to play with. It's not uncommon to find her laughing like a lunatic in the dungeon with multiple people around while electrototuring some very squirmy bottom. 

And without further adieu, please welcome Bast Kitty!

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And I’m here to spread the word about PLUS Membership, and how freaking fantastic it is.

This will take just a few minutes of your time, then we’ll get on with answering your questions and the discussion about Discovering Your Complex Sexual Self.

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Thank you for bearing with me. I'm so glad to have you here.

And now let’s get back to Miss Leighanne talking about , with shall we?   , with shall we?  

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Class Outro

And that wraps it up for this class!

Thank you for joining us and taking time to learn more about Orgasm on Command!


You did it!

Please take another moment to give Bast Kitty a round of applause, and make sure to friend/follow/connect with her. Their links are in the chat.

I have a few announcements to make about upcoming events and some cool things we're doing here at DK.

Our next class up is Pleasure Aides 101 with Gigi presenting at 3pm ET.

In this workshop, Gigi will provide information & resources on different types of pleasure aids and sex toys for all abilities, orientations, bodies, and desires. Participants will be introduced to all the different kinds of toys and pleasure aids that exist for their use (toys, furniture, books, types of erotica, etc.).

Following that, we have Shalimar at 4pm ET presenting Sensual Massage: Let's Talk Touch!

What are the different touches for sensual and sexual massage? How can you use massage as foreplay (or during the main event? What are the danger zones? Learn from someone trained in Therapeutic Massage how to give yourself or your partner the gift of touch.

And after that, at 5:00pm ET we have Communicating about Sex Without Shame, presented by Aine of Sexualchemy. 


And since you've come this far...I'd love to invite you to get involved with Dating Kinky.

Help spread the word about Dating Kinky with your friends, local clubs, and on social media! We'll share a link in the chat to give you some ideas. Because as we grow, there will be more opportunities for EVERYONE!

Want to help Dating Kinky do and be more? Volunteer your skills to our kinky cause! Use the link in chat to let us know what you can do.

Looking to boost your Dating Kinky Profile? We now offer a "SHOW OFF" option. Use the form
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And last, but not least, if you'd like to present on a topic that you're passionate about, please let us know! We'd love to have you. We're looking for presenters related to all kinds of kink, and always looking to fill guests spots on nonmonogamy, foot fetish & enthusiasm, submission, FemDom, and we're always on the lookout for authors for our Book Club.

Join our kinky rolodex, and we'll get in touch!

Thank you again for joining us!. It's been a pleasure having you here, and we hope to see you in more presentations and social events this weekend.  

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Copyright ©2021 10th Cloud Inc. All rights reserved