Date/Time of Class

Sunday 4pm ET
Sensual Massage: Let's Talk Touch, presented by Shalimar

Class/Presenter Intro


 Welcome to the Sensuality, Sex, and Orgasms weekend, hosted by Dating Kinky. 

 My name is Dirk Hooper, and I will be your emcee. Our next class will be Sensual Massage: Let's Talk Touch. 

 After the presentation, we will leave room at the end of the allotted time for questions from the attendees. However, you do not have to wait until the end to ask - we absolutely welcome all of your questions, comments, and overall engagement throughout the show. 

 Finally, let me introduce our presenter.

 A bit of a baby kinkster Shalimar has been in and around the swing/kink world since the early 2000s. She mostly goes for the sensation bits when acting as a top or impact when acting as a bottom. One of her favorites is spoiling partners with various types of massage and snuggles. 

 So let's get started, shall we? Please welcome Shalimar!

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Presenter Links

FetLife: https://fetlife.com/users/3567039

Hi all - we're going to wind down this class

 Thank you for joining us for Sensual Massage: Let's Talk Touch. 

Please give a round of applause for our presenter Shalimar, either in chat, and make sure to friend/follow/connect with her. (**Post the above links**) The links are in the chat. 

Our next class up is Communicating about Sex Without Shame at 5pm with Aine (Ahn-ya) of Sexualchemy at 5pm ET. 

Isn't it funny that the vast majority of adults are having sex, but so few are actually comfortable talking about having sex? And why is that? Well, there are myriad reasons. From societal shame that starts so early in our development to the roles we believe we should play in the bedroom to trauma to vulnerability, we have significant handicaps to overcome in order to talk about sex in an empowered, matter-of-fact and confident way. Come spend a little time breaking down why we don't, but more importantly, how we CAN turn this around - both inside and outside of the bedroom!

 Thank you again for being here! It's been a pleasure having you, and we hope to see you in more presentations and social events this weekend.  

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