Hello mind-blowing orgasms and awesome sex!
(Happening NOW!)

Enjoy 20+ video classes full of amazing, juicy (and realistic) pleasure techniques that absolutely anyone can use to become a confident, amazing lover.

Say goodbye to average sex February 4-6, 2022!

Learn how to give and receive more pleasure!

Learn how to give and receive more pleasure!

We're bringing in 20+ amazing experts on pleasing the human body to share their knowledge with you, so you can have your most sexually fulfilling year ever in 2022. 

Here are a few of the amazing topics we have planned! 

🔥The anatomy of an orgasm: How to have more and Better Os

🔥Dirty Talk & The Sounds of Sex

🔥Sensuality on Demand: Tips from a pro on building your sensual library, and accessing it when you have the time and space to play

🔥Discovering Your Complex Sexual Self: The Circles of Sexuality

🔥What's Wrong? Problems with arousal and orgasm with solutions

🔥Your Sensuality Begins with YOU! 

🔥Hot Flashes? Hot Sex! Menopause and sexuality from both sides.

🔥Sexuality Styles: How your relationship attachment style affects how you get intimate.

🔥Let's Talk ED: What are your options, really? (Including some non-medication/surgery options.) — This is a special event. 

🔥Play, Y'all! Sex in Multiples: How to connect sensually and sexually in threesomes, foursomes, and moresomse, including creating the safe space, planning, communication, and fun things to try!

🔥And more! 

Get your questions about sexuality answered!

You'll never have a better opportunity to get your questions about sensuality, sex, and orgasms answered. 

This isn't just a weekend full of webinars! This is a weekend of engagement, interaction, discussions, meeting other sex-positive folk, and sharing! Learn from the presenters, and learn just as much from your co-attendees as they ask questions, offer suggestions, and give their best advice. 


Your ticket price not only gets you access to the live event (of over 30 hours of sexy instruction), but so much more!

⭐️ Social Mixers
⭐️ Speed Connecting
⭐️ Casual Connections
⭐️ Online Community (post-event)
⭐️ Replays (in video AND audio formats)
⭐️ Special discounts on sexy products
⭐️ And more!

Tired of average sex? Oh yesssss!

Tired of average sex? Oh yesssss!

Frank talk: most sex is meh. 

SO MANY people are frustrated with their sex life. Why? Because 99% of people have no idea what to do in bed, and can barely talk about what they like and want. Cultural taboos around sex and a lack of sexual education are the culprit.

Your brain is a BIG part of your sexual response.

Let's change that, together!

You’re not destined to have bad sex forever. 

What you don’t know can be learned. And our presenters know the secrets of pleasure rooted in both biology and psychology… and will teach you how to push all the right buttons. 

Join us in taking a stand against lackluster, boring sex.

Our Sensuality, Sex & Orgasms event will help you revolutionize your love life.

Our Sensuality, Sex & Orgasms event will help you revolutionize your love life.

Full access to 30+ hours of practical video instruction from presenters who study sexuality and pleasure and passion. You'll get to interact with presenters and other attendees, sharing information, ideas, and suggestions and your favorite pleasure techniques and secret tips!

Brought to you by...

Brought to you by the same people who brought you...

...It's Not Cheating: It's Ethical And Consensual Nonmonogamy!, More Than Yes or No (about consent and boundaries), The Dating & Love Event, and My Power, Your Power (about power exchange relationships).

We've got experience bringing amazing experts and learners  together around a topic, and digging in deep for a weekend. We help people make new friends and connections, grow their experience, and discover more of themselves. 

Sensuality, Sex, & Orgasms Weekend Event
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